Dr. Raed Kamal D.M.D

Dr. Rubpreet (Ruby) Gill D.M.D

Winnipeg Family Dentist | Dr. Raed Kamal

Certified pediatric dentists have completed additional schooling to help them treat children that require special attention. This training includes working on a child who is under general anaesthetic (put to sleep). Pediatric dentistry practices are limited to working on children under 18, and, due to their extra training, these dentists use a fee guide that is higher than those of a general dentist (generally 30% higher than a general dentist).

Many general dentists see children and are very good at it, even with the children who require extra attention. Some general dentists prefer not to see children at all. If you are not sure who your child should see, check with your dentist. If they are not comfortable seeing children, they should be able to recommend a pediatric dentist in your area.

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