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For some patients the thought of being sedated with pills, nitrous oxide, or even being put to sleep sounds like the perfect visit to the dentist. At our office, we occasionally provide pre-appointment sedation with pills, but this is not the treatment method of our choice. If you require other forms of sedation, your treatment would need to be performed by another dentist in another office.

At My Family Dentist we focus on other methods to help the patient relax for their appointments. The rationale is that sedation does not improve a patient’s comfort level with the procedures, but it can have various adverse side effects on the body. Our goal is to improve the patient’s comfort level so sedation is not required. We improve our patients’ comfort by helping them understand their upcoming procedure(s), and by providing a relaxing in-office atmosphere. In some cases letting the patient come in for multiple visits with minimal work prior to large procedures is all it takes to build their comfort level.

It is not uncommon for fearful patients to visit my office for the first time completely terrified. And then, after a few visits, the patients start to relax, and have an easier time coming to the office. It is true the memories at the heart of the fear will never fully go away (and I can not promise you will enjoy having dental work done). However, I can promise that if you let us work with you, we can help to reduce the anxiety associated with your dental visits. So, if your fear of dentists and dental treatment is stopping you from seeing the dentist, contact us to see what we can do to help you overcome your fear.

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