When it comes to restoring teeth, there are many options available. We determine the best course of treatment by figuring out a balance of strength, durability, and conservation of tooth structure. As fillings get larger, teeth become fragile and more prone to cracking and breaking. To help prevent cracking and potential loss of teeth, crowns are often used to replace most of the outer surface of the tooth. In some cases, where a standard filling will not offer the strength and durability a tooth needs, a crown can be considered too invasive. For cases such as these, an onlay can be the ideal choice. An onlay is a restoration that both replace an existing filling or a cavity and covers some or all of the peaks of the tooth. Onlays are made from either a gold alloy or porcelain. The gold alloy option is the most durable and tends to have the longest-term success, preservation-wise. However, for some, an all porcelain onlay is the material of choice, as it has a more natural appearance.