Dentures and Partial Dentures

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are multiple options available. One of those options is getting dentures. While dentures are never the same as natural teeth, or as functional as something fixed in places like a bridge or an implant, they are a very cost effective way to replace multiple missing teeth at one time. If you are missing teeth, or have dentures now that you are not happy with, contact us today for a consult and find out what we can do for you. To learn more about dentures, read on.

Metal vs Metal Free

Winnipeg DenturesThere is various options for dentures these days, but two basic styles: clasping, with a metal framework, or all plastic. Generally, the metal frameworks are more solid and provide the best long-term fit and durability, but have less cosmetic appeal, and in some cases, produce a metallic taste. On the other hand, plastic dentures may be thicker and a bit weaker, but many of them can be easy to modify in the future (if more teeth need to be added to them). There are also some plastic type dentures that try to mimic the thinness and durability of metal framework dentures, but these are almost impossible to modify and will likely need replacing on a more frequent basis. As the materials change, so do the prices. Dentures can cost anywhere from $600 to over $1400 depending on the design (My Family Dentist Corporation pricing – some offices and denturists can charge significantly more).The photos to the right can give you an idea of the two types of dentures. The first photo shows a standard partial denture with a metal framework. The next three photos show a nylon-based partial denture. As there are many variables that can determine what partial denture design is best for you, be sure to ask your dentist questions. At My Family Dentist, it is our policy to design dentures that will take into account any changes that may happen with your oral health for at least the next ten years. Hopefully, the dentures will still be serviceable for another ten years after that.

Single Tooth Replacement

Dentures are an economical replacement for a single missing front tooth. Generally, the design is an all-plastic denture, which may or may not have any clasps. These dentures primarily serve a cosmetic role, more so than a functional one. Overall functionality will vary between patient and the dentures’ overall design. This procedure is fairly simple, and the cost is often around $600 (if done for temporary purposes, such as waiting for a dental implant, the cost can be even lower).To get an idea of the cosmetic difference a single tooth partial can make, check out the photo above and decide for yourself what looks better. To get an idea of the cosmetic difference a single tooth partial can make, check out the photo to the right and decide for yourself which looks better.

Rejuvenate a Smile

When it comes to buying a complete set of dentures, much can be done to change someone’s overall look. When a complete set denture is made, the teeth can be made longer, shorter, fuller, whiter, etc. Some of the structural components are determined by the patient’s base anatomy in order to ensure the denture is functional, but a lot can be done cosmetically to enhance a smile. As changes to jaw structures occur over time, complete dentures will need to be replaced or modified along the way. For this sample case, the patient’s old complete upper denture was getting old and needed replacing. The patient was not overly happy with the look of her teeth, as the dentures had settled over time, which resulted in a loss of fullness in her smile. To correct this, the dentist shaped the new dentures by positioning the teeth for a fuller, more youthful smile.