Dental Exams and Cleanings

At My Family Dentist, your check-up is just not a quick peek to look for cavities. The dentist will review your current gum

– condition with the hygienist, to ensure any periodontal disease is being taken care of appropriately, and recommendations will be made, as required.

– You will be assessed for cavities and broken fillings.

– You will be assessed for any signs of abnormal wear and tear that may cause problems down the road, and recommendations will be made to correct any problems.

– You will be assessed for any treatment options that may enhance your overall oral health and its function.

– You will be assessed for any joint problems in your jaw.

– Your x-rays will be reviewed.

– Based on your personal oral health, the dentist will determine when the next appropriate will be to take x-rays.

– You will be screened for oral cancer based on your risk factors.

– Your recall status will be assessed to ensure you are on the right track to maintaining your oral health.

And the dentist will still have time to answer any questions you may have!