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My Family Dentist is a full service dental office providing care in all aspects of dentistry, from basic cleanings & check-ups to different cosmetic solutions. Whatever your needs are, we can help. And if you require a service that is best served by another dentist, we will help you make the connection you need.

Below you will find a list of services we offer, as well as brief descriptions of a couple of those services.

Most of our services have their own dedicated page on this site, with descriptions, case examples, and photos done by Dr. Jeffery Schau. See below for the service you want to learn about.

At My Family Dentist a check-up is not just a quick peek to see if a patient has cavities. At your next visit:

  • The dentist will review your current gum condition with the hygienist to ensure any periodontal disease is being taken care of, and will make recommendations as required.
  • You will be assessed for cavities and broken fillings.
  • You will be assessed for any signs of abnormal wear and tear that may cause problems down the road, and you will receive recommendations to correct any problems.
  • You will be assessed for any treatment options that may enhance your overall oral health.
  • You will be assessed for any joint problems in your jaw.
  • The dentist will review your x-rays.
  • The dentist will determine when will be the next appropriate time to take x-rays, based on your personal oral health.
  • You will be screened for oral cancer, based on your risk factors.
  • Your recall status will be assessed to ensure you are on the right track to maintain your oral health.
  • The dentist will still have time to answer any questions you may have.

Direct Digital X-Rays

Direct digital x-rays are taken using sensors that are connected to our computer network. These x-rays provide consistent, high quality images, with ease of reproducibility, both for patient consultations and for dealing with insurance claims. Use of direct digital x-rays offers increased accessibility to prior x-rays when they needed for comparison. Furthermore, we can enlarge a patient’s x-rays on the 19″ monitors that are in the treatment room, so they can see exactly what we see.

We have a direct digital panoramic x-ray unit that allows us to take multiple types of images. This unit is a staple to our office. The direct digital panoramic x-ray allows us to see your entire jaw, with the same amount of radiation as 2 conventional x-ray films, which would only show a couple of teeth. This type of x-ray is excellent for helping to find abnormalities like cysts, cancer, etc., and so we have created an x-ray pathology page dedicated to various pathologies I have found taking these x-rays.

For close up x-rays of individual teeth we have the latest in direct digital intraoral x-rays from Sirona. With this technology there is no more waiting for x-rays as these images are on the computer screen in less 10 seconds. The amount of radiation used to gather these images is also greatly reduced, by up to 90%.

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