What you will need for your first visit:

If you have been attending another office regularly and have recent x-rays, you can ask your previous dentist to forward a copy of those x-rays to us in advance. Depending on the nature of these x-rays, we may be able to avoid taking some on your first visit. This has a double effect of decreasing your costs and providing us with extra historical information that can benefit your dental care in the future.

In preparation for your visit, we ask that you fill out the following New Patient Form and either has it ready for us when you arrive for your first visit or email it to us.

What your first visit entails

For Adults:

At our office, your first visit is booked with the dentist for approximately 60 minutes. During this visit, we will establish your medical and dental history, discuss with you what your concerns are, and overall goals for your oral health, and determine your current oral health status.

To determine your current oral health status we start with a full exam which includes TMJ analysis (joints of your jaw), soft tissue analysis (looking for any sores, abnormalities, etc.), and a hard tissue analysis (checking teeth for decay, jaw bone for cysts or defects, etc.). To aid in this process we take a digital panoramic x-ray and based on what we see, possibly some fine detailed digital intra-oral x-rays. We will also take various photos of your teeth to complete our 3-D record of your oral health. At this point, the hygienist will come in and do a full periodontal (gum) assessment to determine how long of an appointment is required for your cleaning, as well as what type of recall program will work best for you.

In the event that any treatment is required, or will be beneficial down the road, we take this time to discuss these options with you. We will provide you with an estimate and if required go through some of our educational videos to help you understand the treatment we are recommending. We will then help you set up appropriate appointments that work with your schedule.

As this is a very comprehensive exam, the fees for this visit can be as high as ~$180.00. Your first cleaning visit will be substantially reduced in fees to what you are accustomed to as the exam and x-rays have already been done, and future exams and x-rays usually range from $30-$50. All prices quoted are based on the 2011 Manitoba Dental Association fee guide.

For Children:

As each child is different, their first dental visit at our office will also be different. Depending on previous dental experiences and age, the child’s first visit will range from a simple “meet and greet” exam, to a full cleaning with x-rays similar to that of an adult. The fees for this visit will range from $0.00 to ~$100.00 depending on the child’s needs, age, and services performed.

Our approach with a child’s first visit to the dentist is to keep it as friendly and enjoyable as possible. This may mean we do very little work other than a quick look at his/her teeth. As the comfort level grows, the visits will become more comprehensive. And all visits will end with a trip to the treasure chest.

During their time in the chair, the child can watch cartoons on the ceiling mounted TV. We have found with many children visiting the dentist that this helps to distract them and keep their mind off the work that is being done. This helps the time go by and provides something more positive to remember for their next visit to the dentist.