Our office sees patients of all ages. Whether you are 1 year of age with only two teeth, or 100 years of age with only two teeth, or anything in between, we would be happy to see you. So why wait, contact us today.

We See Children

Children grow and change at a rather fast pace. Just as important as it is for kids to see their family Dr. to have their growth and development monitored, so is having their oral health, growth, and development checked by their dentist. At our office we recommend children come for a visit every six months to help monitor for any problems and catch them early. This also helps them get used to us and the dental office experience and avoid any traumatic experiences that can create long-term fears of the dentist.

Customized Recalls

For adults we customize their recall frequency based on their specific oral health needs. Some need to see the dentist every six months and have a cleaning once a year. Others may be the reverse or even benefit from cleanings every three months. For those with complete dentures, a trip to the dentist once a year for assessment of the dentures and cancer screening is all that is required.

The financial situation changed and cannot keep up with your previous routine? Don’t skip coming to the dentist altogether, talk to us, we can help. Avoiding the dentist due to cost often only results in more pain and bigger costs in the long run. There are many ways to customize a recall program to ensure your needs are still being taken care of while minimizing the current costs without a major increase in future costs.

On Time Appointments

At our office we make sure to set aside the right amount of time for you and your needs. The majority of the time we run on schedule and can get you in quickly for any emergencies you may have. Unfortunately, sometimes our day can go a little off, and you may have to wait a bit for your appointment, but in most cases, you will still be out on time, and rest assured, having to wait is not an everyday occurrence. Your time is too precious to waste waiting for your appointment.

Because at My Family Dentist we welcome patients of all ages, one trip to the dentist can have the whole family taken care of. Children waiting for their parents who are being seen are invited to choose from our selection of coloring pages and add their artwork to the reception desk gallery. If they do not see something they like, a quick internet search often yields coloring pages that will inspire. For parents who would like their kids in the room with them, a second TV can be set up in the same room as you. The kids can watch some cartoons as you get your work done and you can watch your TV at the same time (we turn the sound off and captioning on to prevent the children from being distracted by your TV)..