Gold and Porcelain

Here you will find a collection of before and after photos of services we provide.To view the respective galleries, select the image to see an expanded view of the respective galleries. Then you can select individual images to view, with details about the image, or switch into slideshow mode.If you think you might benefit from any of the services shown here and would like a consult, contact us today.
Before and After the type of filling.

Here is a collection of cases where multiple restorations were done at one time to restore years worth of wear and tear, discolored and misshapen teeth. When multiple teeth can be worked on at one time, the end results are often far superior than working on one tooth at a time.

Dentures come in various materials and designs and can be customized to reflect personal style and cultural preferences. If you are looking to get a new denture, here is a collection of various designs to give you an idea of what your next denture may look like.

Soft tissue lasers can be used to remove overgrown tissue, reshape tissue, as well aid in healing various lesions. Here is a collection of photos of various laser treatments performed by Dr. Raed Kamal.

Amalgam, mercury based fillings can be replaced with multiple materials that will improve cosmetics, strength, and long term durability.

Indirect restorations like Onlays, Crowns, and Bridges are great for restoring strength and long term durability back to damaged teeth. Bridges in particular can be a great way to replace missing teeth.

When teeth are misshapen, chipped, or discolored, resin bonding and porcelain veneers can be used to restore and modify these teeth.