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Winnipeg Missing-ToothMany people will lose at least one tooth over the course of their lifetime. Depending on the tooth, it may not be much of a concern or have any tangible impact on your eating. Conversely, a lost tooth can be a huge concern for cosmetic or functional reasons. Whatever the case, many people with a missing tooth/multiple teeth will eventually search for a replacement.

These days missing teeth can be replaced by a few different methods. All of these methods vary in cost and effectiveness. The three main options for replacing missing teeth include partial dentures, a fixed bridge, and dental implants. To help you understand the benefits, differences and downsides to each option read on. We have included a few photos here but we also have pages for each of the options under our Services tab. There you will find further case examples of each, as well as more photos.

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Partial Dentures

Metal Free Partial Dentures winnipeg cosmetic dentist
Sample Partial Denture Designs

The most important aspect of the “partial dentures” device is that it is a removable appliance that stays in place via a friction-fit, and has to be removed on a regular basis for cleaning. Partial dentures can look pretty good, they are cost effective, and they are great for replacing multiple missing teeth in one shot. However, partial dentures lose out to the other teeth replacement options because of functionality. At My Family Dentist, partial dentures can cost anywhere between $300 to $1400, depending on design. Partial dentures can last between up to 10 years before needing replacement or modifications. The more costly partial denture appliances are designed to last longer and provide a tighter fit, and can be better suited to accommodate future tooth loss. However, the cheapest dentures are often used to temporarily replace a single tooth, when someone is preparing for an implant. Regardless, partial dentures are still removable appliances. As a result, they will often move around during eating, especially with stickier foods like breads, gum, etc. Some people can handle this, others find it too annoying and end up opting for one of the other replacement options.


  • A cost effective way of replacing multiple teeth
  • Minimally invasive and easily reversible.


  • It is a removable appliance, and may shift while eating
  • Less chewing power than other replacement options
  • Bulkier than other replacement options
  • Does not preserve bone tissue where tooth was lost

To read more about partial dentures, please see Dentures and Partial Dentures

Fixed Bridges

hygienic bridge winnipeg cosmetic dentist missing tooth replacement option
Sample Bridge

A fixed bridge involves crowning teeth on either side of a missing tooth, to anchor the replacement tooth in the middle. Visually it looks like three crowns fused together with the middle one resting on or near the gum tissue. A fixed bridge is a very solid and functional restoration. The cost for this option starts at around $2500, and increases with the each additional tooth being replaced. Fixed bridges usually last between 5-15 years, depending on home care and restoration complexity. They have the potential to last longer.

Bridges provide the full function of a missing tooth, and can be a nice cosmetic fix as well. Depending on its size, a bridge can be quite strong and durable, and does not have the added bulk that a partial dentures device has. Unfortunately, due to the design, fixed bridges are often more complex to keep clean. Cleaning under the bridge can be challenging, and often these restorations will decay in difficult to detect and clean areas. In some cases the decay progresses quick enough that one of the abutment teeth are damaged beyond repair, resulting in the next restoration having to replace an additional tooth. This ultimately increases the cost above and beyond that of an implant.


  • Fixed in place and does not move.
  • Similar size to natural teeth.
  • Can be a close cosmetic match to the missing tooth.


  • Require significant modification to the abutment teeth.
  • Harder to keep clean than natural teeth.
  • Increased stress on abutment teeth that can decrease their lifespan
  • When a bridge fails, it can often take a tooth with it.
  • Do not preserve bone where missing tooth is.

To read more about bridges, please read our Bridges page.

Dental Implants

Winnipeg Implant
Photo from www.nobelsmile.ca

A dental implant is the closest thing to a natural tooth. It is imbedded into the bone, which locks it in place, and which helps to preserve and stimulate the bone. Implants can be done as a single tooth, or to replace multiple teeth in an implant supported bridge. Implants can also be used as anchorage for complete and partial dentures. In the case of single or multiple teeth replacement, dental implants provide the best function without compromising the adjacent teeth. They are also easier to maintain in the long run as they are not susceptible to decay and are more resistant to gum disease than a natural tooth. Implants can cost between $3500 – $5000 each, and have the potential to last for well over 20 years (potentially a lifetime, but implants are still too new for that claim to be validated by research). With their long life, implants can end up being cheaper in the long run than fixed bridges.


  • Do not rely on adjacent teeth for support.
  • Full chewing function.
  • Stimulates bone to prevent bone loss.
  • Cosmetic pleasing (it emerges from within the gum tissue like a natural tooth).
  • Potential for best longevity over other options


  • Highest initial cost of all the options.
  • Longer process (can take up to a year to complete).
  • May require bone grafting.
  • May have higher risk of complications (for patients suffering from particular medical conditions).

To read more about this service, please see our Dental Implants page.

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