Over the last few decades, dentistry has come a long way. At My Family Dentist, we endeavor to incorporate only the latest technology that will have real tangible benefit for you. My Family Dentist is a high tech office, without inflated high tech prices.Read on to learn about some of the technology employed at My Family Dentist

Digital X-rays

Our office employs the use of direct digital x-ray technology. Direct digital x-rays provide high-quality images, ease of reproducibility for consultations and dealing with insurance companies. They also offer increased accessibility for the future. Unlike analog-digital x-rays, direct digital x-rays are taken using sensors that are connected directly to the computer network. This allows for faster, more consistent images, offering both improved image quality over other forms of digital x-rays, and significant improvements over conventional x-rays.

We have a direct digital panoramic x-ray unit that allows us to see more with less exposure to radiation. Using about the same amount of radiation required for two conventional film shots, which would only capture a couple of teeth, our digital panoramic x-ray allows us to get a compete for the image of your entire teeth and jaw. The digital panoramic x-ray takes only seconds to perform and is on the computer screen ready for viewing in under 30 seconds. Have you seen your digital panoramic x-ray yet?

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of digital X-rays, please visit our FAQ page. As not all digital x-rays are the same, I invite you to check out our Digital X-ray Comparison page.

Electric Handpieces

In the past, all dental drills were air- driven. With advances in technology, the new standard in handpieces is electric. These drills operate at a lower sound frequency which helps reduce the high pitched noises air-driven handpieces are famous for, which means added comfort for the patient. These drills also cut more efficiently and have proven to be less traumatic to the teeth.

At Family Dentist, all of our handpieces mouth are electric. All of them have fiber optic as well, which aids with visibility. All the drills also have a built-in water spray, which helps to clean the teeth we are working on, as well as keep it cool to minimize trauma. Unfortunately, due to the cost of equipping handpieces with fiber optic lights and water spray, many other offices choose to have only their primary handpieces equipped with these features.


Each room in our office is fully computerized, allowing us to store virtually all your information digitally. The software we use is from the Bridge Network, and allows for comprehensive visual charting, scheduling, and record keeping.

So what does this mean for you?

Improved financial records: With all transactions electronically linked there is less chance for communication errors to occur. These records also permit easy future reference for patient income tax purposes, communicating with insurance companies, “warranty” type issues, etc.

Improved claims submission: The majority of insurance companies accept electronic submission of claims. This allows for quicker submission of claims as well as an improved way of tracking claims once they have been submitted. With this process we often receive a real time response from the insurance provider informing us immediately what the benefit coverage is for the submitted claim. The detailed level of accounting the software provides also allows us the opportunity to catch payment errors from insurance companies and make sure you are receiving the benefits you deserve.

Improved dental history and treatment planning: With the use of photos, digital x-rays, and advanced computer charting, a comprehensive record of your oral health and treatment is maintained. Treatment plans are created and can be printed off along with educational materials so patients know exactly what their treatment will involve. This also aids in communication with specialists and insurance companies as records can be printed or electronically transferred to them without loss of the originals.