In December 2008, after months of designing and construction, My Family Dentist moved into its new office. After a couple more months of fine tuning, the office was pretty much complete. One of these days we will get around to getting some more artwork to complete the decor, but overall we are very much enjoying the new office and the added space it provides. We have received numerous positive comments from patients and others, such as:

- Nicest office in the building.
- It is so warm and welcoming here.
- It is so nice here! It doesn’t even feel like a dentist office.
- The colors are great, can I get the name of this one?

The overall goal of the new design was two-fold. One was to create a warm and welcoming office that was very different than the feel of a standard dental office of the past. We used warm colors, open spaces, windows in every room. The other goal was to create an accessible office for our patients with limited mobility. We have patients in our office who use scooters or wheelchairs to get around, and the office needed to have a layout that could accommodate them. Having been up and running for some time now, we can honestly say the new design is a success on both counts.