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Winnipeg Family Dentist | Dr. Raed Kamal

Office Philosophy

It is our goal to provide the best care that we can. At My Family Dentist, we believe that each person is an individual, with individual needs and should be treated as such. We endeavor to provide the ideal treatment to all patients in a sensitive and caring way. We will understand when a recommended treatment is not an option for someone, and work with the person to find the best alternative. We will strive to work with each of our patients to educate them, return them to their optimal oral health, and help them stay there.

Cater to Cowards

Do you have a fear of the dentist? Has it been keeping you from having dental work done? Fear no more. Let Dr. Raed Kamal’s team help you. Through our relaxed atmosphere and custom approach we guide you through the modern dental process. Without the use of medications or sedation we work at your pace to empower you. We can help you control your fears and see a completely new side of modern dental care.

My Family Dentist Advantage

Our office provides a wide variety of treatment to all ages, from infant to senior. With such a diverse patient base we have been able to see how different conditions can impact one’s oral health at the different stages of life. With this in mind, we can provide insight and treatment options to help prevent future problems 10, 20, or even 60+ years down the road, and ultimately help to reduce future treatment costs. We can also guide you as to the anticipated longevity of treatment done now, and what you can anticipate in the future.

At My Family Dentist we truly believe your teeth were meant to last. If we work together we can help your teeth go the distance. So if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, or feel you may not be on the right track with your current provider, contact us now to see what a difference the Dr. Raed Kamal can make for you.

Important things to note about our office:

  • We are a full service office and see patients of all ages.
  • Our office accepts assignment of benefits (direct billing).
  • Our office does not use mercury fillings (silver fillings).
  • Our office is perfume conscious and we request that all our patients avoid the use of perfumes and colognes when coming to our office.

Contact us for more information.

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