Way Beyond Weight is a documentary on the rise in obesity in children and looks at the potential parties to blame for the rise in obesity. These include parents, the government, and big business. In the end, the conclusion is only we can take control over our own health and need to get informed and make better choices.

I found this documentary to be very eye opening to the way society has been heading and and encouraging to start making a difference for ourselves and our loved ones. I urge you to watch the video for yourself.  You can do a search on the web for it, or find a copy of the video here:  Way Beyond Weight

While watching this video I made some notes and will share my thoughts on the documentary.

– Children are very different than adults and cannot be considered full grown little humans. There system is still developing and a lot smaller than a full grown adult. They do not have the body mass to filter and handle the doses of junk food an adult can and this needs to be kept in mind when deciding what to allow children to have.

– We live in a permissive society. Many children are given free reign and given what they want when the tantrums start. Parents will do this for many reasons, but ultimately parents need to make the hard decisions and stand strong. Children know what they like and want, but it takes time and training for them to know what it is they need. If we do not provide limits for kids, how will they be in the future? It is very important to keep an eye on the long term goal, and curb behaviours/desires that do not fit in with those long term goals.

– An interesting point I heard in the documentary was the reference to treats not being treats anymore, rather being everyday routines. In the past, people consumed more of what they needed, rather than what was wanted. As resources became available, a shift occurred and the wants got construed with the needs, and has been passed down to the next generation.

– Infant formula: The documentary references sugar levels in many different products. Infant formula is one that shocked me the most. A product specifically designed for children should be designed better, with greater health in mind. This adds more weight to the side of the debate of nursing vs formula. This also explains why children raised on formula have a greater tendency for developing cavities, especially when put to bed with a bottle of formula on a regular basis. So if you are unable to nurse, and must use formula, be very picky about which formula you use and ensure it has the least amount of sugar possible, and be careful with the feeding routines.

– Another interesting stat from the documentary is that 4 out of 5 obese children will become obese adults. this type of statistic is very common for many habits, both good and bad that parents pass on to their children. We have to consider what we want for our children, and then work towards making that happen by setting a good example.  Once we set our values, we must then buy the future we want to see.  We must then spend our time, and resources on the things that will build that future.