If you have been trying to contact my office recently using our contact form, we may not have responded.  The reason being, we never received the email.  We use Shaw for email service and they recently upgraded their email service.  With the upgrade came a lovely change that flags more things as spam (including emails from my contact form on the website), and automatically deleted them.  That’s right, deleted them.

I have been able to identify the problem and correct it, as well as modified the contact form to a different version (started getting a lot of spam email through the old form).  After several tests today I can confirm the contact form is now up and running, and even though the emails still get flagged as spam (cursed Shaw, not pleased at all), the emails still come through to our inbox for us to read.

So, if you have been waiting for a response that has not arrived, please re-contact us with your question.  We are here, and do want to hear from you.

NB: I have filed a complaint with Shaw technical support, so hopefully they fix the bug that flags everything as spam and won’t let me turn it off.

Dr. S.