If you are prone to cavities, sensitivity, or have unsightly white spots on your teeth, we have a new promotion that might be right for you. As advancements and research in dentistry continue to occur, this brings about new options and new forms of treatment that were not available to us in the past. A product I have been keeping my eye on for several years now is showing great promise for helping out with the above mentioned conditions and I am looking for patients who fall into any the above categories to help me test out this great new product.

Read on for details regarding the treatment options as well as promo pricing and product details.


Are you prone to cavities or have cavities that are being watched, hoping they do not turn into something that needs to be fixed? Do you brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash only to be told at your regular checkup appointments that you have another cavity? Are looking for a way to prevent future cavities and to remineralize that damaged tooth structure, in a way that is easy, safe, and is fluoride free? Then this promotion is for you. With the use of MI Paste and custom trays you can provide your teeth with an added source of minerals essential for repairing and strengthening teeth. This system is easy to use, and cheap to maintain, and can help protect you and your teeth from costly dental bills in the future. In the evenings just floss and brush your teeth, apply the MI Paste and pop in the custom trays. While you sleep the minerals in the MI Paste are absorbed into your teeth to help repair and strengthen them. Just apply and sleep, oh so easy. So if you have been struggling with cavities, and think you might be a candidate for this promotion, contact us today to arrange a consult appointment.


Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods/drinks, or to sweets? Would you like to whiten your teeth, but shy away from it due to the sensitivity that accompanies the whitening process? Have you tried all the desensitizing tooth pastes with less than satisfactory results? Then this promotion is for you. With the use of MI Paste and custom trays, you can deliver the added minerals to your teeth, where it hurts. The custom trays can be used for whitening for a few hours in the evening, and then used to apply the MI Paste to your teeth over night. The MI Paste will help stabilize the whitening results as well as reduce, and possibly eliminate the sensitivity associated with whitening. And even when you are not whitening, apply the MI Paste to the sensitive spots of your teeth, pop in the trays, and get ready to feel the difference. As the minerals are absorbed into your teeth, the teeth are strengthened and sensitivity reduce. So if you think you may be a candidate for this promotion, contact us today to arrange your consult.

White Spots

Many people have white spots on their teeth. They may have been there since the teeth first developed, or appeared later in life as acid attacked the teeth, dissolving away some of the minerals in the tooth (common for people who have had braces). In the past, the only way to treat these white spots has been to grind them away and cover them with bonding or porcelain veneers. Although bonding and veneers can work very well, there is a more conservative option that can work as well, if not better. With the combination of custom trays, whitening, and MI Paste, these white spots can be remineralized and restored to the nice natural color of the surrounding tooth structure. The whitening is used to both “active” the tooth surface to increase its ability to absorb the minerals in the MI Paste, as well as brighten up the surrounding tooth structure to even out the difference in appearance. The MI Paste is used to provide the needed minerals to repair the defective white spots to finish the job. In general, this process works best in cases where the white spots are new (post orthodontic treatment), but can also work for long standing white spots, it will just take longer. So if you think you might be a candidate for this promotion, contact us today to set up your consult appointment.

Promotion Details

We are looking for four candidates from each of the above categories to help us test out this system at the introductory price of $150 (compare to normal price of whitening alone at $250). The promo kit comes with custom trays for top and bottom teeth, a two week supply of whitening gel (some cases for cavity prevention will not be candidates for the whitening component), and one tube of MI Paste.  Future tubes of MI Paste provided at a cost of $20 per tube.

Please note, this promotion pricing is limited to the first twelve eligible candidates and is available to existing patients only. Non-promotion pricing will be $250 for the initial kit. Future tubes of MI Paste will continue to be $20. And as always, touch up kits for whitening are only $35. Non-promotion pricing is available to anyone. If you are not an existing patient, an initial exam would be required prior to receiving the kit.

About MI Paste

MI Paste has been around for a while now, and is being used to treat the above conditions and more. As the makers of MI Paste have done a great job of their website, providing lots of information covering its uses, ingredients, etc, please check out the MI Paste website for more information and case examples. If you think this product may be what you are looking for to help you achieve your optimal oral health, contact us to set up a consult.

Please note, we are currently only using the regular MI Paste, and not the MI Paste Plus. If you would like to try the MI Paste Plus, it can be special ordered in for you, but please check out our FAQ page on Fluoride first.