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The office of my Family Dentist is located in downtown Winnipeg in the Medical Arts Building. The office itself has been around for a long time, and first came under the ownership of Dr. Jeffrey in the summer of 2007, and Dr. Raed Kamal took over ownership in the summer of 2015. Since 2007, the office has undergone numerous upgrades, including a complete overhaul of the layout and facilities, and full computerization including digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. The goal was to create an office that was warm and friendly with accessibility to all who want to come to our office. Based on user experience and feedback, we hit the mark.

Winnipeg Silver-Amalgam-FillingsMercury Free

Our office is a mercury-free office. This means we no longer place amalgam fillings (silver in color, a mix of mercury, copper, nickel, and other metals). Why have we done this? As you are likely aware mercury is a known toxin to humans. Mercury is also a key component to silver fillings. Once one of these silver fillings is set (hardened), the mercury is bound in the filling and only released with heavy grinding or drilling. This means that unless you have a severe mercury allergy (roughly 1 person in 1 million have this) this will have little to no effect on you. However, in the placement and removal of this product (and when people are cremated), the mercury is released into the environment. For us, this is a major concern, and the reason why we have banned the use of mercury fillings from our office.

Latex Free

As the number of people with Latex allergies and sensitivities increases, we have decided to become one of the few dental offices in Winnipeg to do away with Latex altogether. As of August 30, 2007 our office is 100% Latex free. We have switched all our gloves and other Latex products to materials such as Nitrile.

These products are highly effective and don’t pose the same health and safety risks associated with Latex products.

For those with Latex allergies this will bring great relief. No more having to remind the staff that you have a Latex allergy, as we will always be using a non-Latex product.

Additionally, we have found over the years that some individuals are hypersensitive to Latex and/or the powder found in gloves and would end up with cold sores after their dental visits. With switching to Latex and powder-free gloves, many of these patients have found relief.

Perfume Conscious

More and more people these days are becoming sensitive to perfumes and colognes. For some people, it is so severe they cannot be around anyone who is wearing perfume, or even go into a room someone wearing perfume was just in. At My Family Dentist we want to be a safe office for anyone to come to.

To help us with this, we ask all our patients to avoid using perfumes or colognes on the day they have an appointment at our office. If you are coming to our office and have a sensitivity to perfumes and colognes, please let us know so we can make every effort to remind our other patients that day to avoid the use of any perfumes or colognes.

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